Degrees of Separation BETWEEN the networks.

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Degrees of Separation BETWEEN the networks.

Post  SamShanklin on Mon Apr 20, 2009 12:55 am

I just read a really cool article on how different networks interact with one another. It reminds me of Betweenness. The different social networks represent the different nodes. Now, since most social networks are connected to other networks, information and trends in each network are spreading to the others fairly quickly. For instance, I saw a youtube video on my friends facebook page. In the video, there was a link to her myspace page. On her myspace page there was a link to her blog site. On the blog site, I found out some pivotal information about my friend. As you can imagine, this all took me a while. If I had just clinked on the blog link on her facebook profile, I would have gotten the information much faster. Moral of the story, the shortest path is the best path. I now understand why betweenness only counts the shortest path.


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