Information Cascades and Dillo Day

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Information Cascades and Dillo Day

Post  Carlos Calegari on Sun May 31, 2009 11:30 pm

With only a few weeks away from Dillo Day, Mayfest was unable to secure opening acts. I received a facebook group invitation that read "Bring Mike Posner to Dillo Day."Receiving similar group invites I disregarded it. A few days later I heard a really good mixtape being played at full blast through out my house. It turns out that they were playing Mike Posner's mixtape. An information cascade was being started that greatly promoted him as a musician. I started playing his music at all the events I had been attending. A week before Dillo Day, Posner was confirmed as an opening performer and had the largest crowd for an opening performer I have ever seen at Dillo Day

Carlos Calegari

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Rained out??

Post  KingTut on Mon Jun 01, 2009 12:24 am

What about the information cascade that pulled its weight on whether the weather was gonna hold up. There were significant amounts of misinformation, and many people I know thought in fact it was going to rain and telling their out of state friends not to come to NU.

Luckily of course, this fragile cascade was stopped with a simple check of the Mayfest site where it was stated explicitly that the events were outside!


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