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Post  Okechukwu Chika on Mon Jun 01, 2009 3:25 am

Weseed.com is a new social networking site that teaches people about the stock market and trading. Unlike most trading simulators, weseed.com is totally free, and has a lot of tools to help simplify investment decisions for people that do not know that much about trading.

Weseed.com also introduces the social networking aspect to trading by allowing users to join teams or groups based on your city, job, school, hobbies, or favorite companies. This trading community allows for an easy way to get together with like-minded people, so that you can share information and make more educated investments.

On top of the social trading networks on weeseed.com, there are also trading "teams" that users can join to create a single portfolio of investments and manage together. In a sense this allows users to create their own investment "fund" and act as the managing partners. Each team can then compare their earnings to other teams in a competitive sense. These teams can then decide to share successful strategies, and less successful ones once the competition is over.

I think that weseed.com is a great way to introduce social networking to online investing. Before electronic trading, the open outcry markets depended mostly on verbal communication and the sharing of information on the trading floor (like the CME), but now that everything is electronic, you can never really "see" the market. By reintroducing the social aspect to trading hopefully individuals from anywhere in the country will be able to log in and learn about the stock market and trade ideas as if they were all together on the same trading "floor." This site is a great opportunity for novice traders and anyone interested in trading to learn how the markets work from their peers.

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