Would the Borda Count Have Avoided the Civil War?

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Would the Borda Count Have Avoided the Civil War?

Post  Kristina Youmaran on Wed Jun 03, 2009 3:44 pm


The paper above analyzes different voting methods using graphical representation to see how the presidential election prior to the Civil War would have turned out different, resulting in whether or not the Civil War would occur. In the paper, the authors answer the following questions :
"The election of 1860 was one of the most important and contentious
elections in US history. It was also one of the most interesting. Four
candidates from three different parties battled for the presidency and all
four received a significant number of votes. We ask whether Lincoln’s
victory was sound, or was it due to a fluke in the electoral system? Did a
Lincoln win plausibly represent the will of the voters or would a different
voting system have represented their preferences more accurately? Would
the outcome have been the same had one or more of the candidates dropped
out of the race?"

In the end, they conclude that all the presidents had an equal chance of winning depending on who held the final vote and what voting procedure was taken (which accounts for why all thought they had a good chance of winning).

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