Following the Herd -- Why some trends die out quickly

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Following the Herd -- Why some trends die out quickly

Post  Kristina Youmaran on Thu Jun 04, 2009 2:22 am

The paper above attempts to answer the ongoing question, "Why do some ideas suddenly become popular, and then die out just as quickly?"

The paper begins by discussing informational cascades and cites current and historical examples that have become a part of our society/culture. It continues to explain how these information cascades occur in our daily lives and then eventually become the norm. The paper then goes into more detail about the idea of "signal" and how these signals determine the length of the cascade and relates to the different factors that also effect the cascade. He also gives examples on how the signals affect the pervasiveness and strength of the information cascade, as well as how effective the cascade of information should turn out.

The paper goes into more details and it's interesting to see how he relates these ideas to each given example.

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