Medical Matchings

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Medical Matchings

Post  KatieBradford on Thu Jun 04, 2009 2:43 am

This article talks about applying the Marriage Matching Algorithm to the residency match program at hospitals. The problem, according to the article, with the program is the fact that salary is not taken into account until later in the process and so many are unable to target the best candidates with higher salaries, or the candidates themselves end up getting cheated out of money. One proposal suggested incorporating price directly into the algorithm, having three different "salaries" that could each be rated on a preference choice as three different options. Its important to see how applying these algorithms to real world problems requires adjustments for different things. For example, simply having "boys" be students and "girls" be residency positions, does not properly consider the full context of the problem. Many claim that a marriage model is not a good representation of this situation because in jobs salary negotiation plays a signficant role and isn't even considered under the basic model.


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