Social Networks = Self Promotion?

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Social Networks = Self Promotion?

Post  byroncheng on Fri Jun 05, 2009 1:18 pm

With all this "Real Time" updates stuff going on, is it possible that we begin treating our facebook feeds and twitter feeds as advertising ourselves? For instance, if on our facebook feed we see that someone has been tagged in a photo, we can either just observe it and go on, or we can click on the photo and view more photos from the album. Is this not similar to our discussion on advertising? When our photos appear on the minifeed, it's just as if we are getting eyeballs - impressions. When someone clicks through, we're promoting ourselves by showing our pictures after the click through.

However, a question arises - is it possible to game the system so that our "advertising" gets the highest click through rate? In our discussion on advertising slots on search engines, for example, we see that the top slot is often the most valuable, as it is the first result that people see, making it more likely that people will click on it. However, we have no way of actuallly controlling (directly) where our images will appear. As both twitter and facebook use real time updating, the most recent post will be on the top of the screen. However, in order to insure that your content is there, you must continue to post - Which leads to two things. 1) A spam effect, causing viewers to avoid looking at the page and 2) a quality problem. Because there is limited content you can have at a time, you are likely to post the same things multiple times - again, not what viewers are looking for.


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