Extrapolating Information

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Extrapolating Information

Post  Kevin Chu on Sat Jun 06, 2009 12:27 am


I seem to love this perfect privacy idea, so I promise just one last post on it. This is an article about how the United States intelligence departments are going to judge the influence of certain radical groups in Lebanon by how the votes turn out for their parliamentary elections. This presents quite a quandary to the radical groups. On one hand, if they come out and vote in force, they will win more house seats, but they will also trigger the US's agencies to take more harsh action. If they decide to minimize their votes, they will not have as many house seats, but they may also be more hidden. This could even become a strategy for them to minimize their votes by propaganda or word-of-mouth so the United States government would relax its guard, and then they would move. Not only is the leaking information by the existence of imperfect privacy important, it is also easily manipulated.

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