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Example blog post

Post  TA-Matt on Tue Mar 31, 2009 3:46 pm

Hello fellow social networkers, this is an example of an appropriate blog post:


In this article a blogger explains how the bar scene in A Beautiful Mind is wrong. The strategy Nash Proposed is in fact not a Nash equilibrium. If all of Nash's friends go for the brunettes then he should go for the blond, it doesn't make sense for Nash to also go for a brunette in this case since he can increase his benefit by picking up the blond. Maybe Nash had a little bit to much to drink Wink. For those of you who really love math check out this reformulation of the bar scene game!!! New formulation of game


You can get points for posting an article yourself or responding to another student's post. please be respectful of your classmates and think about your response before you post. We set up this forum as an alternative way to learn and we hope you enjoy this experience

- Matt Cool


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